Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some F.A.Q. that will help you know us better. If you want more informations, contact our team.

General Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's Adsplex? Powered by XtendPlex Group, a Group of company located in Hong Kong, Paris and Tunis . Our online services have been offered to you since 2014.
2. What's our job? As an Ad Network, we are providing services for: Advertisers, Publishers & Ad Networks

Advertisers Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages if you advertise with us? Our publishers will connect you with all the rest of the world and make your ad popular. We guarantee astonishing sales and, if our job doesn't meet your expectations, all your investment will be returned.
2. What type of banners can we offer to you? Adsplex provides CPM banners for purchasing, while CPM stands for the cost per 1000 unique visitors for each banner per 24 hours.
3. Can I set my own CPM rate for my campaigns? Sure. You can do that.
4. Which is the minimum amount that can be deposited? You have no restriction in how much you can deposit.
5. How can I follow my campaigns? You can follow your campaigns in two main ways: Charts, tables... You can ask the team for more informations.
6. Can a campaign be paused? Yes, you can modify the activity of a campaign whenever is needed.

Publishers Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to pay a fee if I want to register? No, we do not require you any fees, it's a free service.
2. What type of ads do we provide? Adsplex offers CPM (Cost per 1000 unique views per 24 hours) banner ads.
3. How much it will take until an ad appears on the website? The ads will appear on our publishers websites before you could say Adsplex! Those ads just have to respect our Terms of service, in order to remain on the websites.
4. Can a tag be used for more than a website? Yes, it is possible. The only requirement is that the websites where the ads are placed on comply with our Terms of service.
As an online Ad Network agency, AdsPlex offers the opportunity to promote your campaigns and thereby, to increase the number of your sales. Using our services, you can also become a successful publisher because, due to our high CPM rates, you can earn a nice profit only through your own websites. With our large number of quality publishers, we provide advertisers a very high conversion rate for their ads.